Ultrasound examinations

As a non-invasive diagnostic method, ultrasound examination (US, sonography) is one of the most informative and accessible methods .

   The amount of ultrasound waves used during the study is harmless to human health. Ultrasound examination is used to diagnose various diseases, dynamic monitoring and evaluation of treatment results. Կand The center is equipped with 3D / 4D technology "TOSHIBA Aplio 500platinum" ultrasonic system, which thanks to innovative visualization technologies "Aplipure", "Aplipure +", "Differential THI", "Precision Imaging", provides a flawless image, regardless of the visitor's body and the depth of organs placement

In addition to color and spectral dopplerography, the systems also use the unique “Advanced Dynamic Flow” technology, which allows high-spatial and temporal analysis to obtain a vascular bed image up to the capillary network. "Aplio 500 platinum" has a special program for assessing the qualitative and quantitative changes of internal organs.

Thin needle aspiration is also performed in the clinic.

Doctor radiologist Elen Khnkoyan

Doctor cellologist Angela Ohanyan